Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Multipe is committed to appreciating and respecting the choice and privacy of its user base and the business associates when they use our website and services. The statement here highlights and gives information about the privacy practices employed and used by us in relation to the personal information we hold of our business associates and users.

Definition and Description

For the purposes of the privacy policy, personal information and data include the data and information that can be identified or linked to specific users. This information may include address, name, mailing address, email id, telephone number, debit/credit card details, name of the cardholder, expiration, date of the card, mobile phone number related information, data card, DTH service information, electricity connection data and any other data, information, and details that are provided by the users and associates voluntarily while availing the services of the website of Multipe.

Exception to Multipe Privacy Policy: Data and information provided by the users/business associates in the public forums and environments, live chat room, blog, album, social networking sites, discussion boards, classifieds, community and the likes (without limitation), are not deemed to be confidential and hence are not considered as personal/sensitive information and data, according to Multipe privacy policy. Such information is therefore not protected under our privacy policy.

Use of Personal Information and Data and provide information to the MULTIPE online are cover ed under this Policy. This Policy does not cover the information provided through other modes of communication to MULTIPE. What personally identifiable information is collected from you? We collect information from you regarding name, addresses, email addresses, passport number, Income, PAN, detail s of nominees, etc. and Demographic information such as preferences, interests, etc, to conduct MULTIPE’ bus iness. By providing email address, telephone numbers and other contact information, the Visitor is agreeing thatMULTIPE

Multipe uses the personal data and information given by the users/business associates to provide them and with specific services that have been explicitly requested by a user/associate. The personal information is required and used by Multipe to troubleshoot concerns, resolve disputes, collect money, promote safe and secure services, inform the users and associates about our services/offers/updates, assess the interest of users and associates in our services, and prevent us in committing errors. The information may also be used for preventing criminal activity and fraud, and for enforcing terms and conditions, among other uses.

Disclosure of Information Data

Multipe shares sensitive or private confidential data or information with an external organization only when it is necessary to enable us to provide the services to business associates and users. We may also share the information when it is necessary for us to do so for completing a legitimate transaction, for reporting purposes (required or necessary under the terms and conditions applicable to the information), and/or because of the applicability of the law. In no other scenario shall we share the confidential and personal data and information of our users and business associates. The information of the business associates and users will be shared when it is required or permitted by law.

Observation and Implementation of Reasonable Security Practices