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Best Aeps Api

Cash Withdrawal

(4Bank Aeps  Cash withdrawal services Fast & Strong Server) 

Balance Enquiry

(4Bank Aeps  balance enquiry services Fast And Strong Server) 

Aadhaar pay

(4Bank Aeps  Cash withdrawal services Fast & Strong Server) 

Mini Statement

(4Bank Aeps  Cash withdrawal services Fast & Strong Server) 

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  • Cash Withdrawal

    By using a cash withdrawal service, agents can offer AEPS cash withdrawal service to customers and can earn the highest commission.

  • Balance Enquiry

    Agents can boost their customer base by offering balance enquiry service to their customers. There is no commission on balance enquiry service but agents can use it in promotional strategy.

  • Mini Statement

    This is another service on which agents offer to their customers and can earn a commission. By using mini statement service, customers can get transaction details of the last 10 transactions.


Aadhaar Pay

As we know, by using AEPS service customers can withdrawal up to 10K in a day from one bank account. But If any customer wants to withdrawal more than 10K then this service can help him. By using the Aadhaar pay service, a bank customer can withdrawal up to a maximum limit of the customer’s bank account in a day.




  1. All in one AEPS API solution
  2. You can offer multiple services using a single solution
  3. You can earn the highest commission in the market
  4. Easy to integrate into the portal
  5. No down-time
  6. The success ratio is 99.7%
  7. No settlement issue
  8. Safe and secure API service
  9. We provide lifetime free technical support